We believe that our work speaks for itself. We maintain a diverse customer base encompassing a wide variety of applications and materials. Many of our customers have been with us 20 plus years. Our rigorous engineering and manufacturing standards are reflected in everything we make. 

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We thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and our comprehensive line of welding wires, carbide overlay plate and abrasives. We started operations in 1984 and have continuously added and upgraded our products to meet the challenges we find in today's ever increasingly competitive market place.

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At American Maintenance & Welding, we do most of our engineering in-house. Our specialty is "application engineering". Our team approaches applications with the goal of increasing efficiency through the selection of processes and materials to reduce labor costs and production time. We do all this with the goal of increased productivity. In short, we have not done our job unless our efforts result in a healthier bottom line for you, the customer.