​​American Maintenance and Welding 

Build-Up Wires

Quadcarb 42FCO 

Build-Up & Hardfacing Wires

Quadcarb 742 FCNS

Quadcarb 454FC-O

Hardfacing Wires

Quadcarb 62FC-O

Quadcarb 6062FC-O

Complex Carbide Hardfacing Wires

Cobalchrome 422

Cobalt Based Wires

Cobalchrome 660 FCG

Tool Steel Wires

ToolTech 3842

Complex Carbide Build-Up Wires

Quadcarb 455 FC-0

Titanium Carbide Hardfacing Wires

Quadcarb TIC EX-O

Completely filled in using 742 FCNS after coming off the crusher