Business Operations Manager

Adam Schwoebel


Adam has been an employee at American Maintenance since 2016. He handles the daily Accounting operations and works closely with Dale to visit current and prospective customers.

Administrative Assistant 

Amy Schwoebel


Amy has been an employee at American Maintenance since 2014. She handles customer service, filing systems, and works closely with Ellen and Dale to handle customer orders and payments in Quickbooks.  

General Manager

Ellen Schwoebel


Ellen has been employed with American Maintenance & Welding since 1987. She began working as a General Assistant. She did everything from answer the phones, pack and ship orders, the occasional janitorial duty, and more. For the past several years Ellen has been the General Manager of American Maintenance & Welding and has been the Owner since 2011.

Current Employees


Dale Schwoebel


Dale has worked at American Maintenance & Welding since 1993. He originally started out working in the warehouse. In the past 20+ years, Dale has also worked in sales, shipping, as well as, product distribution. He is now the head of the Sales and Distribution areas for American Maintenance & Welding.

​​American Maintenance & Welding